& local

When you step inside Botanica, you’ll find an array of colourful butterflies, a variety of plants you likely haven’t seen before and the smell of freshly prepared food, ready to sweep you off your feet.



There is an incredible amount of inspiring ingredients and places to be found in The Hague and surroundings. From Scheveningen Beach to the The Hague market, we can either visit the ocean or the greenest market in Europe. All a quick bike ride away.

We choose home-grown and homemade. By focusing on local suppliers, we support smaller companies in our community and offer you the best of The Netherlands. As such, it’s no surprise that our coffee roaster, for example, only supplies to businesses in The Hague. And, only by bike! From product to plate, we intend to have the smallest footprint we can in the supply chain.


We want to showcase all the beautiful fruits and vegetables we have in The Netherlands, and what we can create with them. Let’s take a simple ingredient like cabbage for example. We can make it into couscous, risotto or a crème. We can pickle it or smoke it, or make vegan béchamel from it. We can use it as a meat substitute or eat it raw. We’re presenting our guests so much more than just a simple product.