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Welcome to Botanica

A kitchen, bar & lounge destined for tranquility, local ingredients, and a vegetable focused menu. Discover our urban garden hidden in the heart of The Hague.

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Whether its the honey from our bee hotel, fresh coffee roast delivered by bike, or eggs from the best hen farm in The Hague. We rely on local ingredients. Our Dutch-inspired menu takes into account seasonality and emphasizes a sustainable supply chain from product to plate.

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Green cuisine

The 80/20 approach

A side dish of lemon butter chicken or some slow-cooked ribs? Followed by a main of smoked, oven-roasted or pickled seasonable vegetables? Motivated by the Dutch initiative of moving towards a plant-based diet, we cook meals that are 80% seasonal vegetables and 20% protein. Might sound like an upside-down world at first, but once you give it a try you will be convinced that plants are a worthy main event.


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