Meet the team

Inspired by plants and butterflies

Whether it’s the spiral of a pinecone's scales, a transformation from cocoon to butterfly, or simply the ripples created by the wind – each aspect of nature has the power to catch the eye and intrigue the mind. Call it Fibonacci’s sequence, the golden ratio, or nature’s secret code. We find it captivating. Our team will captivate you in the same way by welcoming you into a restaurant and bar where you can explore the botanical world of The Netherlands.


A quick glance into our open kitchen and you’ll see different personalities and nationalities working. They all have a common goal to give you a taste of Dutch Cuisine. They source impeccable local ingredients, apply old-school techniques, and finish things off with some spices and herbs from the garden. Working towards the future and some undoubtedly creative dishes.

In our open kitchen you’ll meet a team that develops dishes inspired by nature. Our menu is based on the five principles of Dutch Cuisine: culture, health, nature, quality, and value. We choose to make vegetables our heroes.